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Our classes come from a curriculum that seeks to bring each student into the awareness of their own self-realized state of expanded consciousness and existence.

We offer an Inspirational education program that cultivates and integrates an individual’s evolution of consciousness spiritually, intellectually, and professionally. Central to our studies is the integration of spiritual traditions and practices from ancient wisdom through New Thought, to current modern day practical applications in daily living. It is our goal to develop ground-breaking leaders; students who emerge from these classes and committed daily spiritual practice to commit first to their own spiritual transformation, then emerge as leaders in their own communities, and ultimately as transformational leaders for the world.

Our classes are warm, welcoming, fun, interactive, and full of spiritual wisdom, spiritual principles, practices, and processes that lead to living an inspired fulfilled life of spiritual transformation.

Youth & Family

Honor each young person that we meet.

Recognize the important role that we, the community, play in making this space safe and sacred for our youth.

Cultivate hope through the power of our youth.

Continue to cast the vision for a thriving youth ministry that offers learning opportunities for all ages, including teens.

Send youth in our community to Global Camp & selfless service experiences.

Provide appropriate age spiritual self development curriculum.

Be the village that raises the children and allow the children to raise the village.

Celebrate family in all its forms!!!!


 Our intention is to provide a loving, prayerful space dedicated to knowing the Truth about each person seeking prayer. Our Prayer sages will speak the word of prayer in the full knowing that all things are possible in God consciousness. Spiritual Mind Treatment activates the Truth about who we are as individualized expressions of the Spirit. Through practice of this scientific form of prayer, we enter an energetic vibration that anchors our awareness in our essential perfection and oneness with the I Am Presence of the Self.

·     Prayer after Sunday service Prayer Sages are available after service to pray with you for your highest good.

·     Prayer request box in service provided for us to pray for your requests.

·     Individual Prayer Sage session

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